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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

If you are choosing DigitalCareSEO as your Digital Marketing Service provider, then it is vital that you agree to the terms and conditions that abide by the agreement. This will ensure that a certain protocol is followed both by the client as well as by DigitalCareSEO.


  • 3rd Party Liability Waiver: The digital marketing service provider conducts a lot of research so as to brief the client about the project. During the research, we might use some of the 3rd party contents like blogs, articles and more. We only use them as a resource for creating effective presentations. Therefore, the service provider must not be held responsible for any kind of loss that occurs.
  • Privacy Policy: We collect the information provided by you and we agree to the fact that we would never disclose it. But on the other hand, it is the duty of the client to provide us with as much information as possible during the meeting and do not withhold any particular information. In this case, we wouldn’t be held responsible for misinformation or withheld information.
  • Copyright General: It must be noted that nor the client nor anyone is allowed to use the information that we have posted on our website. The information that we have provided on our website is absolutely under copyright statute and thus it abides to the legal action that goes against the stated.
  • Indemnification: It is vital for the client to agree that he or she must not withhold responsible the service provider regarding the use of the website.
  • Limited Liability: We talk with proud as we work literally very hard for our customers. And therefore, you must note the fact that you must not hold us liable for any particular kind of loss that arises from the avail of our services.
  • Confidentiality: The employees at DigitalCareSEO have all agreed to sign and abide by the confidentiality clauses. This particular line clears the fact that all the information that you provide to us would be in the safe hands and therefore you can have the peace of mind.
  • Payment Terms: There are a number of payment terms and conditions that are there for the different packages that we provide to our clients. It is vital for the client to adhere and abide by them so as to save themselves from any particular legal action and further penalties.
  • Disclaimer: It has been disclaimed by the DigitalCareSEO that all the products or services that are mentioned on the website would be maintained and updated by the service provider. But there would be some or the other kind of factual inaccuracies and therefore the information should be accessed at the user's risk.