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7 Website Design Tips to Improve your Bounce Rate

7 Website Design Tips to Improve your Bounce Rate

Is your bounce rate too high? Are you struggling to improve your bounce rate? To improve your bounce rate, these 7 web design tips are for you!

Many times when you get much traffic for your website but has not much conversion then your bounce rate can be bad. Poor bounce rate can make all your other marketing efforts obsolete!

According to top Digital marketing company in Bhopal, a number of web design issues can improve your bounce rate, so if you want low bounce rate, you need many factors into considerations. In this post, we will address all of these issues and following these issues, you can control your bounce rate.

1. Get faster load time for your website.

The first and most important web design tips to your website is to speed up it. A speedy website are likely to consider in the SERP by the Google. Many website designers and developers knows, how to improve the bounce rate of a website. Your none of the customers want to wait for long, so a faster website can boost your conversion.

2. Optimize your site for conversions.

When you optimize your website for conversion, indirectly you work on bounce rate factors. The sole goal of every business is to maximize conversions, so take it serious and optimize your conversion. There are many conversion optimization techniques adopted by the Digital marketing experts.

3. Use a visual hierarchy (improve your web design)

If your bounce rate in not in your control, your visual hierarchy helps it control and improve it.  Use of bold fonts, large text sizes, and bright colors can help you improve your bounce rate. The eye-catching websites has very good chances to make conversions. So, your all efforts must be directed towards the visual improvement of the website.

4. Include social share buttons.

Are you into social media platforms? Have you used SMM icons into your website, so that your target audience can share your website over these platforms?

Having social share buttons in your website helps your visitors to share your blogs, encouraging people who might not have thought of it otherwise.

5. Add a blog on website.

Have you added a blog in your website? If NO, then add it, as it enhances the chances that your visitor to read it and share their opinions. Add information on your website blog time to time. Your visitor’s wants to read new information related to your services / products.

6. Include FAQ on website.

Having FAQ on your website will definitely improve the knowledge of your website visitors on questions that they might be looking to be answered. FAQ is probably the first place, what most of the visitors want to read in your website. It’s a good idea to not only have an FAQ page but also to update it regularly as new questions about your brand arise.

7. Use unique, eye-catching images.

Last but not least. Add unique, attractive and colorful images. I am very confident that using these kind of images will improve your bounce rate.

Digital Care SEO urges every business owner to follow these unique tips to improve the bounce rate.